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best shop to buy airplants and tillandsia

Whether it is dust particles in the air or an increased level of humidity, air plants can help you combat these issues, ensuring you have a safe home atmosphere. These benefits are also what make these hardy plants a highly preferred indoor plant species. Not to mention their ability to add aesthetic value even to the gloomiest of places.

You may be looking into the idea of getting air plants for yourself or as a present. Being new to the area, it’s natural for you to look for help. You will need the help of the best air plant shop to increase your knowledge about these plants and get efficient care guidelines for them. The Air Plant Shop is right up your alley and can help you get started with all types of air plants.

What to Look for in an Air Plant Shop?

There are many air plant shops out there but what you need is the best of the best. Many people have recently discovered the beauty of air plants and need all the help they can get. When looking for an air plant shop, it’s best to opt for one that’s forthcoming with information.

If you are just entering the world of air plants, you will need proper guidance – from how to care for them to ways to separate the pups. So, make sure that you choose an expert, who is well-equipped to guide you through the whole process of keeping and caring for air plants.

Shipping and What to Expect?

Since air plants can survive in temperatures as high as 120 degrees, shipping them is quite easy. Their hardiness makes it possible to ship them anywhere in the world without worrying about their survival. Most air plant shops ship their products through fast mail, ensuring that they reach their destination within 2 – 3 days. Once you get the plants, just submerge them in room temperature water. Leave them for 20 – 60 minutes as it helps to rejuvenate them post-shipping.

Recommended Air Plant Shops

Since air plants are a unique and relatively unknown plant, you’ll need to contact the right dealers. Unless you want to end up wasting your efforts and money, it’s best if you take a look at our list of recommended air plant shops. These shops have a variety of species for you to choose from and can help you get started with your very first air plant.

The Air Plant Shop

Our Favorite

The Air Plant Shop is a family run business run by Scott, his sisters, mother, and a few friends. The earliest memories of the siblings are trudging along in the wilderness, looking for air plants for their mother’s backyard. It was shortly after this they realized that their mother’s decorating ideas can be turned into quite a profitable business. They saw a gap in the market and saw that not many people knew about the majestic air plants.

They are located in St. Augustine, Florida and are committed to providing healthy and hardy air plants. Be it for décor, design, or as gifts, you can easily get a plethora of air plants from the best in the trade. From Tillandsia Funkiana to Ionantha Rubra, The Air Plant Shop carries a large variety of air plants that can give your garden a fresh perspective.


  • Provide a 30-day quality and replacement guarantee
  • Wide variety of air plant containers and terrariums
  • Free and fast shipping for orders over $60
  • 10% off on wholesale orders over $250
  • Prompt and personal customer service
  • Ship all year-round


  • Expensive

Their website:

Aura Creations

The Air Plant Shop may be our favorite on the list but Aura Creations aren’t far behind. They offer a wide range of exotic plants and natural crystals to bring the power of healing in your life. They focus on making beautiful combinations of crystal, air plants and terrariums that make perfect gifts. They also double up as fun DIY projects that engage the whole family.

Aura Creations offer some great packages and kits that can bring life to any boring space. They offer you plants along with complementing healing crystals! The healing and refreshing properties of these crystals add charm to the air plants, making them stand out against a bland backdrop. This modern home décor can give any space a relaxed feel. So, whether it’s your bedroom or living area that needs lightening up, Aura Creations has the perfect kit to create the right aura.


  • Fast shipping
  • Stellar packaging
  • Competitive pricing
  • Package includes an instruction manual
  • Sells healing crystals that match the energy of air plants


  • Expensive shipping

Their website:

CTS Air Plants

Several air plant shops offer high-quality plants, but what makes CTS stand out on our list is their wide range. Not only do they have various air plants, but they also offer a wide variety of succulents and cacti to their clients. But what really sets CTS apart from the rest of the names in this list is their focus on supplies and accessories.

From plant orbs-glass to fertilizer and soil, CTS has taken steps to ensure your air plants never need for anything. You can order different supplies and arrange your air plants the way that suits the room décor. You can use shell stands as planters for indoor décor ideas, while orbs glass will do perfectly as outdoor décor.

The team at CTS understands that taking up plants is a big responsibility and they want to help you make the best of this opportunity. Their website includes detailed instruction manuals on air plant, succulent, and cacti care. So, if you are a gardener looking for a reliable supplier, CTS is just what you need.


  • Wide range of air plants, succulents, and cacti
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free plant promo on $20 order
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast shipping


  • Delayed customer support

Their website:

Air Plant Hub

Have you been looking for cost-effective air plants that can brighten up your home? With Air Plant Hub, you can end your search! It’s a family-owned business, run by a couple, Nathan and Meredith. Their love for air plants soon turned them toward propagating air plants and the rest is history.

The best part about their website is that they don’t just offer air plants but actually help people take care of them too. Just access their accessories section and you can find everything from fertilizers to plant holders.


  • Air plants available for wholesale
  • Wide range of plant accessories
  • Reliable customer support
  • Fast shipping


  • Expensive shipping

Their website:

Rainforest Flora Inc.

If mounting materials are what you’re looking for, Rainforest Flora Inc. is your ultimate go-to retailer. Established in 1976, and located in Torrance, CA, Rainforest Flora is self-sufficient in Tillandsia production and offers competitive pricing. You can also get palms and cycads at RFI that can enhance the beauty of your garden.


  • Plant care information on the website
  • Competitive price


  • Lacks customer support service
  • Restricted shipping options

Their website:


The best pick of the list is definitely The Air Plant Shop because of their wide range offerings and great customer support, but the other options are also worth a try. If you want to grow your garden and decorate it with some remarkable air plants, you just need to pick a shop from this list. Make sure you go for one that caters to your needs and you’ll get great results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do air plant shops provide free shipping?

There are a handful of air plant shops that provide free shipping, but most of them charge a small shipping fee. The delivery duration also determines the charges.

Do air plant shops replace plants damaged during shipping?

Unfortunately, that’s a facility only the best service providers offer. Each store has a different policy about it. As long as you claim within a specified period, the business is happy to cater to your request.

Do all air plant shops sell accessories?

Not all air plant shops sell accessories, but there are many that do. It’s a creative side to gardening, and air plants do look well when arranged in a glass bowl or wooden pot. Since they don’t need soil, they can be set practically anywhere, which opens lots of new doors for décor ideas.

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